Flour since 1900

Our family's history in production begins in 1899 when our great-grandfather Vassilis Michalopoulos, at around 20, decides to leave his village of Platanos in Ancient Olympia and seek a better life in the city of Amaliada. There he starts working at the stone mill of Foti Kotsifa. It doesn't take long for him to fall in love with Nikolitsa, his boss's daughter, and to take over the management of the mill. The business expanded when it passed into the hands of two of the couple's seven children, Fotis and Takis with an olive mill and was modernized into a rolling mill in 1968. Then the next generation, under the management of Dionysis, Vassilis and Konstantinos Michalopoulos, took over for over forty years to produce flour and meet the needs of the wider region, making the mill one of the most recognizable and beloved businesses in the prefecture.


In 2017, we, the children of Dionysis Michalopoulos, Fotis and Nikos, seeing the gap that existed in the area for quality pasta, decided to take our love for flour a little further and create "MICHALOPOULOS PASTA". Now, as before, the rules are specific:

  1. Raw materials of the highest quality: semolina, flour, fresh eggs and fresh milk from producers who share the same values ​​as us.
  2. Small, controlled production: The daily production of our traditional pasta does not exceed 300 kg, thus allowing us to carefully control every step of the production.
  3. Respect for tradition: Recipes tested for decades now , combined with a handmade process in most of the production

All our pasta is produced WITHOUT preservatives, flavor enhancers and colorings, respecting the consumer. Besides, our motto is this:

…..as if our children would eat it…!

- Michalopoulos Nikolaos

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"Michalopoulos Pasta" stands for tradition and purity, with a firm commitment to fresh, high quality products.

We believe that pasta is not just a simple food, but a delicacy that brings the taste and quality of natural ingredients to your table.

Every package of pasta we make represents our belief in the principle that the best food comes from the best, purest ingredients.

At the heart of our philosophy is the appreciation of nature and tradition. We follow traditional production techniques, preserving the authentic character and taste of the pasta.

We aim to keep this tradition alive by offering pasta made with love, care and dedication.

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